Bridging Gender Gaps

Mine the Gap

  • Brand Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Design + Build

Using Design to Create Gender-Inclusive Workplaces

Mine The Gap equips leaders with tools to create gender-inclusive environments for teams. They needed to create a strong, clear, and impactful brand identity, including logo, messaging and website application.

Mine the Gap Project becomes Mine the Gap

Removing the word “Project” from the name created a more succinct and directive phrase which clearly states what organizations will achieve by maximizing “hidden” resources within their company.

The brand’s messaging and positioning language was clarified, and the imagery used was enrolling, engaging and empowering.

Shattered Ore

The logo that Brllnt developed is an abstraction of an unmined block of ore in which precious metals are hidden. It visualizes the digging required to find the gemstone contained within. 

The use of triangles symbolizes the strength and endurance needed to achieve gender equality, while the shattered pieces represent the shattering of a glass ceiling.

The animated version of the logo embodies the concept behind its construction: visualizing both a breaking through of limitations and a strength created from the convergence of multiple strong units.

Shades of Shattered Ceilings

To develop Mine the Gap’s new brand, Brllnt evolved the established brand to better embody the ideals and qualities that the company was hoping to convey.

By moving away from a color palette of power – which can convey strength in an aggressive way and further cement misperceptions of feminine power dynamics – Brllnt was inspired by the “ceiling” aspect of the company’s concept. We instead looked to the natural tones of glass to inform the palette. Truth and energy combine in this juncture of color, providing connotations of protection and healing.

Finding Symmetry

The typeface Montserrat was chosen for its symmetry and even weight, symbolizing equality and stability.